The SFC Chronicles
Adventures in Eberron

The sounds of war rang throughout the hills as the small party of Brelish soldiers and their guide made their way towards the lone tower. The sky burned red, a grim mirror of the blood soaked road below where two mighty armies clashed. The ruins of the tower were a black silhouette against the lowering sun, and it cast a long shadow towards the party, as if a black carpet had been laid out, inviting them to come further. As ominous as the setting was, as fearful as these young rank-and-file soldiers were, they had their orders- rescue the Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden at all costs. It was unknown who had ambushed his patrol the week prior, but good intelligence said his captors had brought him to this ruined guardpost high above Saerun Road. The Lord Major of House Orien had information vital to the Brelish war efforts; information that COULD NOT fall in enemy hands. As the party approached the tower, they were unaware of the lone scout coming up from the Cyrean side of the border, watching them from the trees. A low hum began to emanate from within the tower as they approached.


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